To combine the quantum world with the traditional one, only apparently so distant, we have observed nature and we have discovered that all life forms develop following a very precise code, called Fibonacci sequence,

The same can be found everywhere, inside the DNA, in the shape of galaxies, even in the spirals of a sunflower, so much that our brain records as “natural” any object that contains inside that code, while it interprets as unknown any element that does not have it. Studying thoroughly this sequence, we found that this is the bridge which links reality we see and the world of the infinitely small, the world of the energy and quantum physics.

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Most recent studies in this field of science, confirm that people have the power to influence all which they make contact with, modifying the energetic features, with the use of thoughts, emotions and passion. We have always known, and today, thanks to our research, we can generate in our wine what until recently was considered nothing more than science fiction, a simple and unique way for the Biomagnetic Energy to physically manifest in taste and texture. The vine, like every other living being, is made of emotions, memories and thoughts. It lives like us, neither more nor less. If loved, appreciated, valued and respected, it gives fruits in the form of a gift and not by force.


There is nothing more wrong, as to consider the vine as a property to be exploited and impoverished or forced to produce according to ideas far from respect for the life of the plant. Do not cure the disease with another disease, do not fight fear with fear, do not turn a problem into another problem. The only way to save a sick life is to love it and give it what it needs to cure itself. Only in this way it shall be happy and its fruits shall be the kind answer of its well-being. For these reasons we, at the “Azienda Luteraia”, first turn to the vine as a living being and then, as a possible mean to produce grapes able to make our Luteraia and Lemuria wines.

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The authentic respect of the vines of our vineyard, is reflected not only on an external level, on a material level, but also with respect to its true nature. All that lives is composed by atoms, made by a 99% of Biomagnetic Energy and a 1% of Electromagnetic Energy, which we commonly perceive as Matter. Unfortunately, it is not possible to distinguish this very precious 99%, through our eyes, ears or through touch, but only through another sense; a sense of simple use in a 4-year-old child and almost completely absent in a 30-year-old adult. A completely new way of perceiving life in all of its aspects.


The Sixth Sense, that’s what we want to call it, is nothing but the conscious use of the Theta waves of our brain. Usually we all use this kind of waves only during deep sleep and while dreaming. We have discovered how to use them also in everyday life. For what purpose? To really feel the full essence of our vineyard, of every single plant, every bunch of grapes, every bottle of our fine wines. To use the Sixth Sense is not difficult, just letting go, trusting one’s inner self, starting to fantasize, imagining life in other terms and then suddenly opening up in us, once again, a completely new and peculiar way of perceiving life in all its aspects.

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We have learned to perceive the Biomagnetic Energy, also called Vital Energy, within the atoms that compose the vines, the grapes, the wine. This energy with no electric charge, is identical to the matter that makes up our dreams sometimes recognized as real and concrete. So then, if we use Theta waves to create a dream made of Biomagnetic Energy, then we thought we could use these waves to feel and transform the same Biomagnetic Energy present in the daytime world.


From this new perceptive system, we began to feel what the vines needed, their moods, their deep needs. After many experiments in the field of winter pruning, green pruning, non-invasive products, we have come to generate an entirely unique method that respects the vine at 100% throughout its life cycle. We have called this method XENOLID BIOMAGNETIC AGRICULTURE. What to say! It is fantastic how from an idea and from the daily observation of my father who pruned the vineyard with all his love, we have come to generate a completely new and particular method in its kind. An evolving method.

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Through the Xenolid Biomagnetic Agriculture protocol, we grow the vineyard by combining the best viticultural techniques handed down by grandfather Marino and Father Sergio, to research in the field of Biomagnetic and the use of the Sixth Sense developed by Andrea, joining Quantum Physics to Traditions. The fusion of the two methods, allows to be able to act on many aspects of the vineyard, such as diseases of various kinds in a totally different way. In this way, in fact, instead of influencing the vines with products with a high destructive content both for the immune system and for the energy, it is preferred to use an energetically stimulating and chemically natural product.


The Biomagnetic Xenolid Protocol provides for our vineyard to be delimited by biomagnetic antennas called Nautilus Power Gel so that a new vibrational field is created within which the classical laws of physics undergo alterations, to enter instead in a peculiar and quantum world objectively much more resonant with the respect for the plant world in general. Through the Nautilus Power Gel disks it is possible to monitor the wines and then the grapes first at an energetic-biomagnetic level and then at a material level. Moreover, through this particular method of quantum-energetic processing, it is possible to regenerate in each plant and then in the grape, the correct vibration of vital energy, so that the plants can defend themselves from the most common diseases in total autonomy.

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The main feature of the use of the Nautilus Power Gel is the consistent reduction of the harmful damage caused by electrosmog, electromagnetic pollution and geopathic congestions around and inside the Vineyard. Finally, on the basis of the laws exposed in quantum physics and based on the theories of dr. Masaru Emoto, the Xenolid Biomagnetic Protocol uses practically the Quantum Entanglement, the Vibrational Resonance and the influence of the thoughts-emotions on the water molecules that compose the Vines and the Grapes.


rFrom February up to September, until a few days before the Harvest, we regularly treat our vineyard with a product with a high content in Biomagnetic Energetic, Restorative of the Immune System, Fertilizer, Anti parasitic, Anti-mold and which we have called PBC-8.This product with amazing characteristics, is part of the Xenolid Biomagnetic Protocol and allows the vine to make the most of what it is capable of, without impoverishing the necessary substances, as happens, for example, after chemical treatments, chemical fertilizers or others. This new product has the main function of isolating the plant, from the roots, trunk, leaves, up to the grapes, from all those kinds of problems both energetic and physical, designed to create diseases of various kinds. The PBC-8 has multiple functions, including that of equilibrated regenerating 99% of Biomagnetic Energy present in the vine, so that the 1% representing the Matter, can be structured to the best and develop an effective immune system.

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Also, PBC-8 has the quality of regenerating in the water molecules, present in the plant or its fruit, a certain high percentage of a very precious material. This material, discovered by us of the Nautilus Xenolid group, gave the name to the product mentioned above, the BIOMAGNETICAL COLLOIDAL PLASMA. This P.B.C. if present in high percentages, gives to the fruit special organoleptic qualities such as taste, consistency, and juiciness. Sucrose density gradient of a bunch of grapes, for example, are completely different from those of a grape with a P.B.C. low concentration in %. It is only starting with the respect for the plant, as a living being, with its essential rights, that makes it possible to create a wine product with high organoleptic qualities. A product alive in the true sense of the word, which preserves in itself the Conscience and the Love of how the Vine was grown, which then generated the Biomagnetic Bunch of grapes, from which the Wine comes.