Luteraia 2007: to the heart of Montepulciano

28 Aprile 2010 | testimonials

INTRAVINO n. 15 – Giugno 2007
LUTERAIA 2007: al cuore di Montepulciano di Andrea Gori

Sometimes I cry for something nice too. Marketing’s jokes of other times, you’d say. It happens that the owner of a company, unable to move, directly calls some premises and, if interested, sends one of her bottles. A few days later he calls to hear if he liked it, with the sweetness and humility of those who believe in what he does every day.

Tentar does not harm and the wine arrives with an essential accompanying letter, other than “Dear xxx, we would like our .. our fantastic .. very good .. to his excelling competence …”: few lines on the genre “pour me and you will understand, too much talk just thirsty ”. I do it on time, and I do well. This Luteraia 2007 has the color that tells the dreams of wine in Tuscany.

Ground nose, licorice, fresh raspberries, then sweet hints and spices in closing: cloves and cinnamon embellish a bouquet that is anything but muscular or woody. It is a wine that conquers already on the nose, complex and with hints of ginger and pink pepper that invite you to discover. In the mouth the liquid amazes for its slight and irrepressible ability to slip on the tongue before the tannin comes into action to cleanse the palate. It is probably the white grape of the blend that confers that intriguing balance that only certain small Italian wines can have, who knows. The tasting is satisfying, the liquid relaxes and the harmony grows in the glass.

The finish of cherry and tobacco is long enough, the throbbing freshness invites the sip and tells one of those wines that are lacking in Tuscany like bread. Thinking about Luteraia on certain grilled meats is pure enjoyment, in the hope that one day not too far back in the area the good sense to make such wines. This Toscana igt comes out 3 years after the harvest, after 4 the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano version comes out, with a slightly different cut of grapes. The varieties used are the same: sangiovese, sangiovese grosso, canaiolo, mammolo and aromatic malvasia.

I prefer the Igt al Nobile (25 and 28 euros in a wine shop), however I am looking for and keep both. The number of bottles is small and limited availability, ask the company to find out where to find it.