Our Philosophy

For years our deepest certainty has been that the Wine must be produced in the vineyard; when it’s healthy, happy and well cultivated, then it will give us its exquisite fruits. An exchange based on respect for life in all its aspects. To love what one does is not enough, we need to embody the love that the Vines have always known to be, without needing anybody to teach them. In this new perspective then, embodying Love as the Vines, we create a harmonious resounding synergy, therefore we give the vine the opportunity to live better, using what of most appropriate we have to offer, and in return the vines shall give us their fruits. Fruits disjointed from the idea of Business, from the unbridled exploitation, from the fear of losing the harvest in case of illness, but Fruits related to the pleasure of having shared with us some of their life.

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All our wines are unique in their kind, as they combine the most ancient Tuscan traditions, with innovative research in the field of well-being, applied quantum physics and Consciousness. A wine must know how to amaze through its history, from beginning to end and this is what we have created. For us it is of the utmost importance to consider each product as a living being composed of 1% of matter, that is molecules and, at 99% of vital energy, which has the function of representing the true quality and well-being of that product. Up till today, this Consciousness has been completely forgotten in almost all wine production.

The role of energy

Every living thing is composed of atoms, reality bricks made in turn by a 1% of subatomic particles and a 99% composed of Biomagnetic Energy. Electrons are found in various locations of the atom, protons and neutrons are found within the atomic nucleus. Considering the real dimensions of an atom, science has seen that, if the nucleus were as big as a Duomo, then the electrons would be like so many hot air Balloons in flight and the circumference of the atom would be the one of planet Earth.  Considering these proportions, it has been discovered that while the subatomic particles occupy 1% of the atom, all the rest, or 99%, is Energy. Instead the subatomic particles are made of Electromagnetic energy, 99% is made of Biomagnetic Energy.

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The Electromagnetic Energy tends to consume, while the Biomagnetic Energy tends to regenerate. Biomagnetic means: ability to magnetize Life; so if every molecule of Wine is made of atoms equipped with these characteristics, you understand how important it is to invest time and resources in understanding how to effectively regenerate that very important atomic 99%, composed of Biomagnetic Energy! For us, this energetic aspect is fundamental, so in addition to creating our products with the utmost respect for natural and optimized processes, we look at how to make every single molecule of our wines vibrate, so to completely regenerate their vital energy, in continuous fluctuation and perfectly resonant in every vibration.



What differentiates us is that we invest in giving Life to the Life of our Wines, so that every consumer may regenerate their biomagnetic energy. Whether we believe it or not, we are all made of a 99% of energy, and in today’s world, with its rhythms and its stress, we all tend to lose this important source of life. Here, with our vision, we want to give, through Luteraia and Lemuria, the possibility of regenerating this precious source of life. Among our two wines there is Lemuria, which is able, at every taste, to regenerate as quickly as possible the biomagnetic energy that is missing in each one of us; doing so, after only three sips, anyone will feel full of energy and ready to enjoy the day.

Biomagnetics products

So, it’s right to ask yourself a question, what do we drink? Which products that own these Biomagnetic features arrive in our table? It is well understood that the living matter is made mostly of Biomagnetic Energy and when this comes to be unbalanced or impoverished, then the matter shall behave accordingly. Nowadays we are used to live a reality in which most food products are poor in Biomagnetic Energy, due to the widespread un-awareness of the productive system. This has led everyone to get used to and settle for these products, which today are considered normal, but really lack the most important component:  the vital energy that animates them.  What we offer is Innovation and Wellness, so as to generate a new paradigm based on the idea that:

Wellness also comes from what we drink and from the value we give to ourselves. This means respect and use of products created by the Consciousness of being all part of a single Idea, that is, Love for Life.