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Life is best manifested
when rich in joy

Vineyard and wines are treated holistically, using our "Indigo Philosophy". This allows us to bring to life unique, vital and natural products.


In the crescent moon phases we treat the vineyard with "Marine Plasma," generated by the combination of a Biostimulant and Essential Oils of our own recipe: a synergy of substances dissolved in a "vital fluid" where algae, propolis, magnesium, horsetail, yarrow, and other ingredients find a perfect balance giving the vineyard what it needs to sustain itself. In the spring, each vine receives its own "homeopathic compost" made of vine leaves, grape marc, wine lees, essential oils, medicinal plants, marine plasma, and a small amount of sheep organic matter.

The wine is produced using innovative "energy" systems with the help of natural crystals, such as Amethyst, which can transform the characteristics of the alcohol from "red" to "indigo." Indigo Wines are very easily drunk, transmitting a deep state of serenity and fulfillment for the Spirit.