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4 May 2023



Sensory indigo wine 2013 – IGT
“The essence that is in you”

Vintage: 2013
Denomination: Tuscan red IGT
Grapes: 55% Sangiovese, 25% Canaiolo, 14% Mammolo, 5% Malvasia white, 1% Merlot
Vinification: Fermentation in steel, refining in tonneaux for 18 months, in bottle for 4 years and maturation with the “indigo philosophy”
Alcohol: 13,5%
Size: l 0,75
Serving temperature: 15°C – 19°C
Method: After each transport, let the wine rest for at least 24 hours before tasting it

Lemuria, with its color and the indigo reflections, is vinified in steel using an amethyst geode, so that the alcohol mitigated by the vibrations of the crystal can become “Indigo”. By combining oenological tradition and quantum physics a union is generated where Lemuria takes inspiration. The maturation in French oak tonneaux for at least one year makes the wine structured and wisely tannic. The refinement in the bottle of at least two years allows Lemuria to definitively transform itself into “Indigo”. That’s the time when the wine is consolidated making sure that the vital energy and the taste come together in a harmonious union. Lemuria is now ready for the final test. You challenge in the mouth and nose and can combine it in tasting with hundreds of different ingredients. If at every taste Lemuria blends in harmony with any ingredient, then it can be defined as sensory. Lemuria is not a wine but rather a life experience. One wine and five sensory experiences that will leave you speechless and make you remember this wine forever. Here is the famous sensory indigo wine.

According to the wishes of his father Sergio, Andrea worked a lot on the selection of the grapes and on the proportions in their mix, trying to find harmony and to come a little off the protocols, seeking authenticity. Wine can become an experience to get to know yourself: who understands that wine is a natural ingredient of time, he knows Lemuria allows you to live our own emotions. In Lemuria you will find the best of our selection of grapes: mainly Sangiovese and then Canaiolo, Mammolo, White Malvasia and Merlot. That’s why Lemuria is a “free wine”. Each taste is an explosion of goodness and amazement, three sips to capture the authentic pleasure that Lemuria can give.

  • TIME TO TASTE IT: Tasting an “indigo sensory” Wine is a unique experience, because with every sip you will feel the desire and pleasure to drink it again, without feeling the slightest discomfort.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Clear and intense, purple, the color of the sea at dusk. Elegant and refined, a velvet in the mouth, long-lived wine of great qualities.
  • PAIRING: It can accompany any delicacy, by virtue of its quality of molecularly adapting to any dish.
Weight 1,4 kg

Sensory indigo wine 2013 – IGT

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