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31 January 2023
4 May 2023



Red Montepulciano Wine 2022 – DOC
“Lidea that changes. What a great idea”

Vintage: 2022
Grapes: 70% Sangiovese, 30% Merlot
Vinification: Manual harvest, almandine garnet crystals fermented in steel, bâtonnage on the fine lees and finally the bottle.
Alcohol: 13%
Size: l 0,75
Serving temperature: 13°C – 18°C
Method: After each transport, let the wine rest for at least 12 hours before tasting it
  • TIME TO TASTE IT: On every occasion, because it is an explosion of aromas and flavors that are not easily forgotten. In the cool summer it is perfect.
  • CHARACTERISTICS: Fun, pleasant and round. At the same time elegant and with its own character. Structured and persistent in the mouth, it leaves a pleasant aftertaste with every sip. An indigo wine that will improve over time.
  • PAIRING: It can accompany every delicacy, by virtue of its quality of molecularly adapting to every dish.
Weight 1,320 kg
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