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31 January 2023
31 January 2023



Red Table 2021
“Natural remedy for thirst and farther discomforts”

Vintage: 2021
Denomination: Red Table
Grapes: 95% Sangiovese and 5% Trebbiano
Vinification: Steel, fermentation with spontaneous yeasts and 6 months in the bottle
Alcohol: 13,0%
Size: l 1,0
Serving temperature: 14°C – 18°C
Method: After each transport, let the wine rest for at least 24 hours before tasting it

Literaia with its ruby red and its generous 1 liter bottle ferments in steel and then refines for six months in the bottle. A “smart” wine for any kind of conviviality. Let yourself be captivated by a wine that knows where to accompany your pleasure. The cheerfulness of a summer afternoon, this is how we describe our newcomer, because this is the climate that is in the air when you uncork a bottle of Literaia. Almost pure Sangiovese, there is that 10% of Trebbiano that gives further liveliness to a wine that is born for the company, for the beginning of an evening. In all respects Literaia is part of our family, given it is composed, like ist older brothers, by red and white grapes.

  • TIME TO TASTE IT: whenever you like it!
  • CHARACTERISTICS: a light sip but with a Tuscan identity. A fresh and young wine, to drink when you like, without rules and above all, if possible, in good company. In fact it feels like cool water on a hot summer afternoon.
  • PAIRING: Red meats, savory first courses. Fresh is excellent with fish.
Weight 1,540 kg

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