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4 May 2023
4 May 2023


Nobile di Montepulciano 2015 Reserve – DOCG
“The soul of a wine”

Vintage: 2015
Denomination: Nobile di Montepulciano Docg Reserve
Grapes: 70% Sangiovese, 20% Canaiolo, 5% Mammolo, 5% Malvasia white
Vinification: Fermentation in steel, aging in French oak tonneaux for 15 months and subsequent aging in the bottle for at least 4 years
Alcohol: 13,5%
Size: l 0,75
Serving temperature: 16°C – 19°C
Method: After each transport, let the wine rest for at least 24 hours before tasting it

Luteraia with its colors now ruby, now purple or garnet, ferments in steel and then matures in prestigious French oak tonneaux for at least a year, so as to make the wine harmonious, structured and expertly full-bodied. The refinement in the bottle of at least four years is the most important part, in which Luteraia rests and harmonizes so as to generate the best bouquets. Luteraia warms the hearts of connoisseurs by making the terroir of Montepulciano feel in its body. A wine that suddenly caresses you and with kindness wins you over.

The wine that represents the company, the Luteraia, the wine made in the “cooper” soil, that is rich in sulfur and minerals that remind us of the remote volcanic past of our land. A wine that every year tells the story of our vintage. A wine that in every bottle tells the story of our family, a daily and concrete commitment to safeguarding our traditions.

  • TIME TO TASTE IT: On any occasion, where elegance, refinement, passion and femininity are required: open it at least one hour before you wish to drink it.
  • FEATURES:Rich and material, great body. A rich and warm wine, but at the same time gentle, feminine and elegant. A combination of sweetness and power.
  • PAIRING: Well-structured first courses, grilled red meats, roasts, game. Cheeses. Dark chocolate.
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