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Wine is made in the vineyard
and then in the cellar it is made divine

The Luteraia 4L wines come from selected healthy grapes.


We vinify through our peculiar “Indigo Wine” method, based on the idea that matter is energy and that this energy can be helped to express itself: on the other hand, the declinations of Einstein’s principle “E=mc2” are still to be discovered.

Every single molecule of wine can thus express the best qualities of vitality, taste, aroma and harmony.


Spontaneous and respectful fermentation through indigenous yeasts of the grapes, soft pressing, distinctive pumping over, delestage and then wood with old but perfect French oak tonneaux.

Finally, the bottle where the fermented grape juice can finally become wine, take on character and bring out all its qualities.


A lot of passion and dedication for the production of quality wines that make you feel the bouquet of the land on which they were born with every taste: our aim is to generate well-being.