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Three generations of a family
for three unique vineyards

Every aspect of the vineyard follows a holistic protocol of our conception, which aims to regenerate the best conditions of health, vitality and quality of the vines.


Grandpa Marino gave birth to the first vineyard in 1957, then Sergio continued with the second in 1993 and his son Andrea planted the third in 2003.

Vines of native Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Mammolo, white Malvasia, Trebbiano and Merlot live harmoniously on this hill dedicated to the wine of our Luteraia.


The terroir is composed of a precious mixture of clay and tuff with fine skeletal sediments, now fat and fertile, stony and then clayey, in short, a whole combination of wonderful qualities in a small plot of land.

From this particular mixture comes the yellowish color that had already struck the ancient Romans: “yellow” in Latin is called "lutrum" and hence the name of our estate and in Chianine jargon is now called “cooper”.


We want to respect the extraordinary quality of our soil and therefore during the year the vine is treated with the utmost respect for the environment: for how we work, we like to call ourselves "organic" and "biodynamic".