the harvest

Rigorously hand performed, harvest is a moment of celebration, joy and gathering, where everyone who worked in the vineyards for the whole season, take with extreme satisfaction and pride the fruit of their hard work. Every grape is collected with care and put in baskets by the harvesters, and is later collected and taken to the winery to be transformed in our wines. The creation of a friendly, familiar atmosphere makes the harvest a magic moment that can transfer to every bunch the right amount of love and vital energy.

Crushing destemming

The bunches coming from the harvesters are introduced in our crushing-destemming machine, so the grapes are separated from stems and leaves. After this process, the grapes are broken by a soft pressure. All our machines are made in stainless steel, so they allow high sanitary standards and we don’t have to add other products or chemicals to protect the grapes. Successively,  the pressed grapes and their juice are moved in the fermentation tanks, for the vinification with our peculiar biodinamic process.

The winemaking

The winemaking process of all the grapes in the established percentages, takes place in steel tanks treated with biomagnetic systems. In order to avoid the creation of volatile acidity in the must destined to fermentation, we create, in advance to the official grape harvest, small fermenting tanks, suitable for triggering the fermentation of the grapes transported during the official harvest. In this way we reduce inactive periods and guarantee quality and genuineness to our future wine.

Pumping over

The fermentation is followed carefully and scrupulously, carrying out wine replacements at least two or three times a day, through the use of biomagnetic anti-clockwise impellers. Reassembly ensures that the cap of the pomace in fermentation is soaked and never dries. The use of biomagnetic impellers means that the fermenting mass can be loaded with biomagnetic energy and make the wine gain particular features and qualities.  The fermenting mass is left free to release a temperature that it naturally develops; the only operation that is carried out to contain an excessive degree of heat and to optimize the extraction of coloring substances and noble tannins, is the “delestage” practice, temporarily isolating the so-called cap composed of the solid part of the pomace from the liquid must. With this procedure all the liquid is separated from the cap-pomace and after a certain time, it is re-introduced over the cap-pomace, through a reassembly using biomagnetic impellers.

The racking

At the time of the racking there is no separation of the “vino fiore” from the pressing, in order not to disperse important aromatic qualities that are transferred intact to those that will become in all respects our natural wines. At this point we proceed with the overheating of the rooms in order to promote the Malolactic fermentation, so as to allow the wine to soften and stabilize. Once this phase is over, we leave our young wine to rest, until after a few months we proceed to the separation of good wine with its sediments. The wine is left to rest for a while in the steel tanks, before being moved into the tonneaux for the subsequent aging phase. All the winemaking processes of our company, follow innovative methods of production, related to the union between tradition, quantum physics and bioenergetics.

Aging of the wine

The Wine mass so prepared, goes directly to the maturation phase in tonneaux. The maturation takes place in old tonneaux, and therefore exhausted from a tannin point of view. The choice is intended to facilitate correct transpiration, while absolutely no aromatization is searched through the aromas of wood. The period of stay in the tonneaux is one year, while the barrique is excluded from the process. The reason is related to the quantity of wood that comes into contact with the contained wine mass; therefore, the proportion with the tonneaux is more balanced than that offered by the barrique, especially in order to avoid alterations and interferences with the aromas naturally expressed by the wine. It is at this stage that we can differentiate our wines which shall be then suitable to become Luteraia or Lemuria, through biomagnetic methodologies and singular refinement treatments.

Merlot follows a winemaking process identical to all the rest but separated from the wine that is likely to become Lemuria or Luteraia.

Refining the wine

After a year of aging in tonneaux, our wines are all bottled around April and then rest in a horizontal position and improve over time. During this phase, we operate through specific biomagnetic systems in order to create an ideal refining for the wine, using Quantum Physics techniques linked to Biomagnetic discoveries. This allows us, as an example, to age our Lemuria for eight years, even if only three years of “linear” time have really only gone by. Thanks to this innovation, the wine gains in only three years qualities that normally it would gain after at least eight years of aging! This is possible because through our systems, we accelerate the biomagnetic energy’s vibration, contained inside the atoms which compose the molecules of wine.

A wine which normally ages for three years, has molecules which vibrate at a certain frequency and so it covers a certain space in a given time, as we said three years, in which the molecules always vibrate at a certain frequency. By accelerating the vibration of the molecules at a biomagnetic level, we ensure that within three years, the same space that would be covered in eight years, is covered by the wine.

Soul of wine

The wine inside the bottle, according to the laws of the Observer of Quantum Physics and the theory of Bohm’s Holographic Universe, presents itself as a vibrating energy and not as matter; it shall become matter that is molecules, only when it will be observed by beams of light, so when it shall be opened or investigated by a person. This makes sure that at the same time, we can have more aging to give our wine special qualities.

The refining phase in the bottle is one of the most important phases for the production of our natural wines, because, in the bottle, the wine gains its Soul and betters its Essence. Every time one of our wines is opened, it is advisable to pour it in a Decanter or to open it at least 30 minutes before drinking it, in order to give it the opportunity to express the maximum aromatic and gustative bouquet. With this new Biomagnetic innovation, we can give our wines the best, so that they can create wonderful sensations and intriguing experiences in every expert. The wine is Poetry and Passion.